Happy Wheels – My escape from ugly reality

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You know what I enjoy the most when I have free time? Gaming, I absolutely love it, from my childhood I remember how I used to play different games all day long and I wasn’t even getting tired from this. But, unfortunately things change as you grow up, you need to find job and work there all day long, get stressed, get tired, etc. Only solution which I have found to deal with all these problems is to play browser games when I have free time from my office (don’t tell my boss LOL) and I must say that number one browser game which I have found so far is Happy Wheels. This game has absolutely everything what I need: action, humor, interesting game play, huge community and many more. I play this game from official site (http://hackedhappywheels.com/), awesome site, many people comment there funny stuff as well.

Happy Wheels

This flash game is life savior, as I play it I’ve noticed that I no longer feel stress or boredom, even my productivity has increased and I can enjoy my life again. Happy Wheels belongs to ragdoll physics game, but unlike other games it has some sick and crazy dark humor in it, you can literally save screenshot from the game, upload it on any social media network and it instantly becomes top meme. It has many different characters and all of them are unique in its own way, they look funny, they look symbolic and they also have different abilities and special moves to make game more complicated and interesting.


I have mentioned before that game comes with huge community, do you want to know what did I mean? Well you see, in this game players can create their own tracks and upload them, after that other players can play this map as well, many top YouTubers often share their videos and I enjoy to watch those videos as well. Now since game is played by millions (!) every month there are tons of new maps everyday and it has no end which is great because there is something new every day.

happy wheels youtube

Happy Wheels is truly game of the future, it is online and it connects different gamers from all around the world, they create and share new content with each other, author of the game – Jim Bonacci, works really hard to bring his game on whole new level, he often released new updates, he often makes bug fixes and keeps everything smooth and user friendly. I hope one day he will release new version of the game, on whole new different engine with whole new concept. Meanwhile we can enjoy current game which will be actual for a very long time.

Plazma Burst 2 VOID – Review

Are you looking for an exciting way to pass time while online? Try out Plazma Burst 2 VOID, a sequel to the action packed Plazma Burst 2. It is a free online game with lots of shooting, fights and interestingly challenging levels. All you need to do is brace your soldier for war and then head for the battlefield to save your planet from the latest alien insurgence by completely destroying their armies.

Plazma Burst 2

Latest updates on the Plazma Burst 2 VOID include new different soundtracks, new skins for the Civil Security and the Usurpers, modified background and graphics and slight changes on the appearance of Marines, vehicles and the androids. Helmets for Proxy and Noir Lime and improved armor have also been made available in this update. Other features however remain as they were in the previous version.

Controls used in playing this game are categorized into four groups namely Movement controls, Combat controls, ability controls and multiplayer controls. Keyboard keys include:- A- Move left, D- Move right, S- Duck, W- Jump, X- Fall, E- Use, C- Kinetic Module, 1 to 9- Change weapon, G- Grenade, Enter- Chat, V- Drop current weapon, Esc- Menu, P- Pause, Q- Last used weapon, TAB- Changing personage and Heading leader table. The mouse scroll is used for aiming and the right button for shooting.

You don’t have to sit and watch your planet burn. Indulge yourself in the mission and have a chance at saving your planet from the alien invasion that is underway. In addition if you like American Football flash game just follow the link.


Schlitterbahn Coupons for world-class water resort

Schlitterbahn Coupons for world-class water resort
Back in 1966 along a river in the Texas Hill Country, the Henry family began their quest to found the nation’s first aquatic resort. Boy, did they succeed! That early vision of a resort in which families could get a break from the summer heat and enjoy a world-class water resort has grown into the Schlitterbahnfamily of resorts. With four resorts in Texas alone, including cities like Galveston, New Braunfels, South Padre Island, and Corpus Christi, the Schlitterbahn family of resorts offers a wide variety of venues and water-borne adventure and fun for any and everyone who loves the water. With an additional site in Kansas City, Kansas, Schlitterbahn has continued to build upon their legacy.


What are Schlitterbahn coupons?
There are many great things about Schlitterbahn water parks , and one of the best things about them is how easy they make it for families to pay them a visit. To make it easier for families to enjoy the attractions of the parks, Schlitterbahn offers a wide variety of coupons and discounts that make it quite affordable for any family, or even an individual, to spend a nice summer day, or even a weekend, at any one of the various Schlitterbahn Water Parks.

How can you get them
Schlitterbahn makes it very easy for anyone to get these valuable, money saving coupons, much of the time at the click of a mouse. Let’s discuss how to find coupons and discounts for one or any of the Schlitterbahn locations in the great state of Texas.

There quite a few websites from which you can get coupons and discounts for various Schlitterbahn locations. Certain websites specialize in coupons and discount deals, some of which include Amazon, Groupon, Shopathome.com, and even Schlitterbahn.us. Many of these sites offer coupons that can save you at least $10 off of a ticket. That’s some good savings!

If you go to any HEB grocery store in Texas to do some shopping, while you are there you can also pick up a Schlitterbahn coupon, or even buy a gift card for the water park. Both options will save you a lot of cash. Another option many folks take advantage of is E-bay, or websites like E-bay. If you make sure you get your coupons, gift cards, or day passes from a highly-rated seller, you can find some incredible deals. Some folks have been able to get an all day family pass to one of these amazing water resorts for just over $60. Now that is just an amazing deal.

coupon code

Many people have also benefited from the promotional codes that are often available from Schlitterbahn and also from Raging Waters ( Which you can get here http://ragingwaterscoupons.biz ). Upon purchasing the ticket from the websites, you enter the code to receive your savings. One important thing to remember is the code number which can be found on any coupon that you procure. After you have logged onto the site and decided which park you would like to visit, how long you would like to stay, how big of a party of people you will have, and such, you simply enter the code from the coupon and let the savings rain down on you.

So in conclusion, with a couple of minutes of searching on the internet, you can get the benefit of some serious savings on your way to a visit to one of the great aquatic attractions in America, Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts. Happy hunting.

Raze 4 Game – The fun you have been missing

Hacked 3 Raze is a fun thrilled game in the Raze series. The game promises entertainment and with high definition graphics. It has more levels to be covered with more customised options and achievements.


At the start of the Raze 4 game you will be asked to create a character. Options involved will be choosing the characters appearance, your username and personality which will determine type of comments he will make throughout the game.

Raze 4 Game – The fun you have been missingHOW TO PLAY

There are three modes in the Raze 4 game; the human mode, alien mode and the zombies. In order to reach the zombies mode, you will have to fight through the human and the aliens mode. Kill all your enemies in order to complete the levels. You will get more achievements in the process while earning more tons of gold. Gold will help you to upgrade your weapons. You will also be able to purchase a new gear and unlock new abilities in the shop.


I want to make quick tip about another wonderful fighting flash games SSF 2. This game is very popular across the globe and you can download super smash flash 2 and play it in offline mode if you have slow internet connection. Games involves popular anime characters and cartoon characters.


You use the arrow keys to move to move your character around the map. The same task can also be performed by the A,S,D and W keys. The mouse is for aiming and shooting at the enemies. Pressing the spacebar enables your character to jump. You can change your character’s weapons by using the mouse wheel or by pressing on either Q and E keys or numbers between 0 to 9 or press enter and shift. Pressing the P or Ctrl button pauses the game. Clicking the tab button will enable you to check your score.


In the Human campaign there are twenty levels to be completed. The first ten levels acts as a tutorial where you are taught on the games basic concept as well as how to use weapons. After completing the 20 levels or the very easy mode you will proceed to the alien mode which has 15 levels. Each level in human and the alien modes is divided into four parts. You will then proceed to the zombies mode once you are through with the alien levels or hard difficulty. Killing all the zombies completes the game.


There are 30 achievements to be completed in the Raze 4 game. Some are easy to achieve will others are difficult.


The more enemies you kill the more money you will be able to make. The money is used for purchasing new weapons, new armor and powerful abilities for your character.