Play Super Smash Flash 3 or SSF3 Online

Super Smash Flash 3 just like 3 Tank Trouble is an online browser fighting game developed by MCleodGaming and based on the popular Super Smash Bros series. In the game, you play the role of a popular video game or anime character, and battle with other characters.

Starting the Game
The game starts you off at the main menu, where you can choose two main game modes:

Group X (Versus): A group battle with up to 4 players. Players can either be human or CPU. CPU players can have their AI level adjusted, from easy to hard. The match can either be set as a free-for-all or a team battle. Many aspects of the match can be adjusted, including: Time Limit, Number of Lives, Damage Ratio, Item Frequency, Start Damage, and Team Damage.
Solo (Training): A place where you can practice your fighting moves against a CPU. The CPU can be set to stand still or fight back.Solo (Events): A series of fun mini-games, like catching Pokémon or smashing obstacles to defeat an opponent.
Solo (Stadium): A progression of skill challenges, where passing one challenge takes you to the next.

Playing the Game
The point of most normal matches (Versus mode) is to deal enough damage to your opponent, then knock it off the screen. This can be accomplished by grabbing and throwing them, or hitting them with a powerful attack.
Game controls can be adjusted in the Options menu. The default setup uses the keyboard with the following keybinds:
W: JumpA: Move leftD: Move rightS: DuckP: Main attackO: Special attackI: ShieldU: Grab1: Taunt

Hint: Double-tapping the jump button will cause your character to perform a double-jump. Similarly, double-tapping the duck button will cause your character to fall below the platform it is standing on. Doublt-tapping left or right will cause your character to perform a quick dash.

Hint: Pressing the Shield button followed by a movement left or right will cause your character to perform a shield roll, which gets it out of harm’s way.

Play Super Smash Flash 3 or SSF3 Online
Tips for Winning

Pick a character and continuously improve your skill with it, until you can memorize the character’s moves and timing effectively. Some characters are better in some areas, such as ranged attacks, while others have other skills, such as being faster.

When your opponent has taken plenty of damage, try to lure it to the side of the arena, and prepare to throw it or launch a special attack, pretty much like in unblocked gun mayhem 2. It is much easier to knock an opponent off the screen if you are in these areas.