Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3 (aka Impossible Quiz 5)


The Impossible Quiz series of games released by Splapp-Me-Do are very popular. Their third installment is known as the Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3. It is a sequel to the first and second chapters of the games.

Impossible Quiz Book


The game is quite easy to play. You simply navigate from page to page answering questions without getting them wrong. When you’re beginning, you have 5 lives to use. Thus, you begin the first chapter of your game with these lives and you have to go through the entire chapter without going wrong. If you do, you will lose one life. Every mistake you make costs you a life. As such, it is important to keep going without losing. In the first two installments of this awesome game, it was quite possible to do this. However, in the latter two versions of the game, the questions are much more challenging and will keep you trying your best not to make a mistake.


In the game, there are buttons that you can click or tap on to move forward through the questions. You are able to choose an option to answer the questions. You will encounter features in the game such as bombs. These are timers that countdown to give you only a few seconds to answer the questions. If they run out before you are done, then they will explode and cost you a life.Other features of this game are the power-ups that boost your life as well as the skips that you can use to avoid answering hard questions. There are also some features known as fusestoppers. These help you to defuse bombs that you encounter to give you more time to answer questions.

Q 140


This game was originally released as a quiz with 150 unique questions. Today, it is divided into 3 chapters that contain 50 questions each. The first chapter of this game features the standard Impossible Quiz questions. The second one features questions that come from the video game culture. In the third chapter, you answer questions that explore the concept of time travel. The most interesting fact about the game is that each chapter has its own unique theme. This game is fun to play like Cat Ninja Unblocked and available online for you.


Plazma Burst 2 VOID – Review

Are you looking for an exciting way to pass time while online? Try out Plazma Burst 2 VOID, a sequel to the action packed Plazma Burst 2. It is a free online game with lots of shooting, fights and interestingly challenging levels. All you need to do is brace your soldier for war and then head for the battlefield to save your planet from the latest alien insurgence by completely destroying their armies.

Plazma Burst 2

Latest updates on the Plazma Burst 2 VOID include new different soundtracks, new skins for the Civil Security and the Usurpers, modified background and graphics and slight changes on the appearance of Marines, vehicles and the androids. Helmets for Proxy and Noir Lime and improved armor have also been made available in this update. Other features however remain as they were in the previous version.

Controls used in playing this game are categorized into four groups namely Movement controls, Combat controls, ability controls and multiplayer controls. Keyboard keys include:- A- Move left, D- Move right, S- Duck, W- Jump, X- Fall, E- Use, C- Kinetic Module, 1 to 9- Change weapon, G- Grenade, Enter- Chat, V- Drop current weapon, Esc- Menu, P- Pause, Q- Last used weapon, TAB- Changing personage and Heading leader table. The mouse scroll is used for aiming and the right button for shooting.

You don’t have to sit and watch your planet burn. Indulge yourself in the mission and have a chance at saving your planet from the alien invasion that is underway. In addition if you like fighting games you will just love Tank Trouble 3 Game, it is free to play and is really awesome.