What should you know about – Uphill Rush 2

After the success of the first edition, uphill rush 2 has also received many accolades and appreciation from the players just like rooftop snipers game. It runs on the same platform but with more bikes, dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles (A.T.V.) and various other off-road vehicles. The main screen consists of options like Start,

Uphill rush 2

How to play and High scores.
The playing instructions are almost the same as the previous version with ‘up’ key to accelerating, ‘down’ key for reverse, ‘left’ key to lean backward and ‘right’ key to lean forward so you can control your vehicle with ease. You can use turbo by pressing numeral ‘5’ key and jump using ‘space’. At any time during your play, you can pause the game using the alphabet ‘p’ key and view the map using’ key. The game has now the choice of performing stunts in the air using numeral keys 1,2,3,4 to execute different stunts. There are now two playing modes viz. time trial and race. In time trial you have to complete the race in time, whereas in race mode you have to compete with a fellow racer. Again there are easy, normal and hard modes to play in both. The graphics of the game have also been enhanced. So just download this game and have fun.

Raze 4 Game – The fun you have been missing

Hacked 3 Raze is a fun thrilled game in the Raze series. The game promises entertainment and with high definition graphics. It has more levels to be covered with more customised options and achievements.


At the start of the Raze 4 game you will be asked to create a character. Options involved will be choosing the characters appearance, your username and personality which will determine type of comments he will make throughout the game.

Raze 4 Game – The fun you have been missingHOW TO PLAY

There are three modes in the Raze 4 game; the human mode, alien mode and the zombies. In order to reach the zombies mode, you will have to fight through the human and the aliens mode. Kill all your enemies in order to complete the levels. You will get more achievements in the process while earning more tons of gold. Gold will help you to upgrade your weapons. You will also be able to purchase a new gear and unlock new abilities in the shop.


I want to make quick tip about another wonderful fighting flash games SSF 2. This game is very popular across the globe and you can download super smash flash 2 and play it in offline mode if you have slow internet connection. Games involves popular anime characters and cartoon characters.


You use the arrow keys to move to move your character around the map. The same task can also be performed by the A,S,D and W keys. The mouse is for aiming and shooting at the enemies. Pressing the spacebar enables your character to jump. You can change your character’s weapons by using the mouse wheel or by pressing on either Q and E keys or numbers between 0 to 9 or press enter and shift. Pressing the P or Ctrl button pauses the game. Clicking the tab button will enable you to check your score.


In the Human campaign there are twenty levels to be completed. The first ten levels acts as a tutorial where you are taught on the games basic concept as well as how to use weapons. After completing the 20 levels or the very easy mode you will proceed to the alien mode which has 15 levels. Each level in human and the alien modes is divided into four parts. You will then proceed to the zombies mode once you are through with the alien levels or hard difficulty. Killing all the zombies completes the game.


There are 30 achievements to be completed in the Raze 4 game. Some are easy to achieve will others are difficult.


The more enemies you kill the more money you will be able to make. The money is used for purchasing new weapons, new armor, and powerful abilities for your character.