Play Super Smash Flash 3 or SSF3 Online

Super Smash Flash 3 just like 3 Tank Trouble is an online browser fighting game developed by MCleodGaming and based on the popular Super Smash Bros series. In the game, you play the role of a popular video game or anime character, and battle with other characters.

Starting the Game
The game starts you off at the main menu, where you can choose two main game modes:

Group X (Versus): A group battle with up to 4 players. Players can either be human or CPU. CPU players can have their AI level adjusted, from easy to hard. The match can either be set as a free-for-all or a team battle. Many aspects of the match can be adjusted, including: Time Limit, Number of Lives, Damage Ratio, Item Frequency, Start Damage, and Team Damage.
Solo (Training): A place where you can practice your fighting moves against a CPU. The CPU can be set to stand still or fight back.Solo (Events): A series of fun mini-games, like catching Pokémon or smashing obstacles to defeat an opponent.
Solo (Stadium): A progression of skill challenges, where passing one challenge takes you to the next.

Playing the Game
The point of most normal matches (Versus mode) is to deal enough damage to your opponent, then knock it off the screen. This can be accomplished by grabbing and throwing them, or hitting them with a powerful attack.
Game controls can be adjusted in the Options menu. The default setup uses the keyboard with the following keybinds:
W: JumpA: Move leftD: Move rightS: DuckP: Main attackO: Special attackI: ShieldU: Grab1: Taunt

Hint: Double-tapping the jump button will cause your character to perform a double-jump. Similarly, double-tapping the duck button will cause your character to fall below the platform it is standing on. Doublt-tapping left or right will cause your character to perform a quick dash.

Hint: Pressing the Shield button followed by a movement left or right will cause your character to perform a shield roll, which gets it out of harm’s way.

Play Super Smash Flash 3 or SSF3 Online
Tips for Winning

Pick a character and continuously improve your skill with it, until you can memorize the character’s moves and timing effectively. Some characters are better in some areas, such as ranged attacks, while others have other skills, such as being faster.

When your opponent has taken plenty of damage, try to lure it to the side of the arena, and prepare to throw it or launch a special attack, pretty much like in unblocked gun mayhem 2. It is much easier to knock an opponent off the screen if you are in these areas.

Gamer’s Guide – Happy Wheels

Control a whacky character on all different means of transport (yes, including Segway and wheelchair) on dangerous tracks until their comical blood spewing bodies finally cross the finish line … or die. That is the brief for the full Happy Wheels game that has developed somewhat of a cult following for its humorous nature and ability to waste away hours.

To start, all you need is a basic understanding of how to work the arrow keys and you’re ready to go. More complex controls may be needed as you become more experienced such as the ability to use a special action, which changes according to the vehicle, with the space bar. For a first-timer though, it shouldn’t take too long at all to pick up.

There are endless levels in the second Happy Wheels2 that will take you literally hours to test, and it is strangely captivating when you find a particularly difficult one to complete that requires some tactical thinking and skill. This is the other dimension to the game which proves it’s not all about the humor. I found the level “Chaos City” both accurately titled and a good one to test yourself on. If you can complete that one without much practice, you would be considered a real natural. However, if your after a bit of bloodshed, then you can’t go past the “Speed Bridge” level which should provide plenty of that without too much trouble. A significant aspect of the game is that the levels are created by fellow players and when you play them, you have to opportunity to provide feedback.

Gamer’s Guide – Happy Wheels
Even in writing this article, I’ve had to go back and test the game out and I can say with my hand on my heart that it is a truly entertaining game perfect for any office or classroom in the world. Have fun!

Happy Wheels – My escape from ugly reality

boring office

You know what I enjoy the most when I have free time? Gaming, I absolutely love it, from my childhood I remember how I used to play different games all day long and I wasn’t even getting tired from this. But, unfortunately things change as you grow up, you need to find job and work there all day long, get stressed, get tired, etc. Only solution which I have found to deal with all these problems is to play browser games when I have free time from my office (don’t tell my boss LOL) and I must say that number one browser game which I have found so far is Happy Wheels. This game has absolutely everything what I need: action, humor, interesting game play, huge community and many more.

Happy Wheels

This flash game is life savior, as I play it I’ve noticed that I no longer feel stress or boredom, even my productivity has increased and I can enjoy my life again. Happy Wheels belongs to ragdoll physics game, but unlike other games it has some sick and crazy dark humor in it, you can literally save screenshot from the game, upload it on any social media network and it instantly becomes top meme. It has many different characters and all of them are unique in its own way, they look funny, they look symbolic and they also have different abilities and special moves to make game more complicated and interesting.


I have mentioned before that game comes with huge community, do you want to know what did I mean? Well you see, in this game players can create their own tracks and upload them, after that other players can play this map as well, many top YouTubers often share their videos and I enjoy to watch those videos as well. Now since game is played by millions (!) every month there are tons of new maps everyday and it has no end which is great because there is something new every day.

happy wheels youtube

Happy Wheels is truly game of the future just like Drift Hunters unblocked, it is online and it connects different gamers from all around the world, they create and share new content with each other, author of the game – Jim Bonacci, works really hard to bring his game on whole new level, he often released new updates, he often makes bug fixes and keeps everything smooth and user friendly. I hope one day he will release new version of the game, on whole new different engine with whole new concept. Meanwhile we can enjoy current game which will be actual for a very long time.