Gamer’s Guide – Happy Wheels

Control a whacky character on all different means of transport (yes, including Segway and wheelchair) on dangerous tracks until their comical blood spewing bodies finally cross the finish line … or die. That is the brief for the full Happy Wheels game that has developed somewhat of a cult following for its humorous nature and ability to waste away hours.

To start, all you need is a basic understanding of how to work the arrow keys and you’re ready to go. More complex controls may be needed as you become more experienced such as the ability to use a special action, which changes according to the vehicle, with the space bar. For a first-timer though, it shouldn’t take too long at all to pick up.

There are endless levels in the second Happy Wheels2 that will take you literally hours to test, and it is strangely captivating when you find a particularly difficult one to complete that requires some tactical thinking and skill. This is the other dimension to the game which proves it’s not all about the humor. I found the level “Chaos City” both accurately titled and a good one to test yourself on. If you can complete that one without much practice, you would be considered a real natural. However, if your after a bit of bloodshed, then you can’t go past the “Speed Bridge” level which should provide plenty of that without too much trouble. A significant aspect of the game is that the levels are created by fellow players and when you play them, you have to opportunity to provide feedback.

Gamer’s Guide – Happy Wheels
Even in writing this article, I’ve had to go back and test the game out and I can say with my hand on my heart that it is a truly entertaining game perfect for any office or classroom in the world. Have fun! If you love browser games you definitely should try Idle Breakout mini-game at


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