What should you know about – Uphill Rush 2

After the success of the first edition, uphill rush 2 has also received many accolades and appreciation from the players just like haunt the house 2 game. It runs on the same platform but with more number of bikes, dirt bikes, all terrain vehicles (A.T.V.) and various other off road vehicles. The main screen consists of options like Start,

Uphill rush 2

How to play and High scores.
The playing instructions are almost same as the previous version with ‘up’ key to accelerate, ‘down’ key for reverse, ‘left’ key to lean backward and ‘right’ key to lean forward so you can control your vehicle with ease. You can use turbo by pressing numeral ‘5’ key and jump using ‘space’. At any time during your play you can pause the game using alphabet ‘p’ key and view the map using ‘m’ key. The game has now choice of performing stunts in air using numeral keys 1,2,3,4 to execute different stunts. There are now two playing modes viz. time trial and race. In time trial you have to complete the race in time, whereas in race mode you have to compete with a fellow racer. Again there are easy, normal and hard modes to play in both. The graphics of the game has also been enhanced. So just download this game and have fun.

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